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Mocca cup HB 558 - Decor 616

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Decor 616
Ritz Glasur Schwarz glänzend geometriche Formen in Elfenbein
Height: 5.5 cm, Weight: 0.18 kg
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Mocca set 6 pcs HB 558
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Mocca cup HB 558

The demitasse cup with the shape number "558", like the matching 558 demitasse pot, is one of the classics from Hedwig Bollhagen's Marwitz ceramics factory that have made design history. Characteristic features are the straight-lined, cylindrical shape of the body and the simple, unadorned ear handle. At five and a half centimeters high and wide, the two-piece set of demitasse cup and saucer is as tall as it is wide. And with a capacity of just 0.1 liters, the demitasse cup is more of a lightweight in Hedwig Bollhagen's ceramic range. A true design affinado can't pass up this classic, whether as part of his collection or for everyday use.